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Letting mother nature nurture your skin... 
Vegan friendly cosmetics is a fast growing trend within the Personal Care & Beauty Industry. By using Vegan Friendly materials we can look after our skin through the power of nature, help reduce our Carbon Footprint, find new innovative Sustainable alternatives all whilst enhancing our natural beauty! 
Vegan friendly Cosmetics and Skin care are not only good for us they are excellent for our planet and animals alike! 
Cocoa Butter 
Kokum Butter 
Mango Butter  
Shea Butter 
Aloe Vera (Gel & Powder) 
Aloe Vera Oil Extract 
Charcoal Powder (Bamboo & Coconut Shell) 
Chitosan (mushroom) 
Hibiscus Extract 
Hyaluronic Acid 
Turmeric Colour Powder 
Witch Hazel 
All of our Natural, Essential Oils are Vegan Friendly. Take a look through our full list! 
All of our Vegan ingredients have been certified and quality assured so you can trust in our material. 
Agar Agar 
Alpha Bisabolol (Natural) 
Carbomer 940 (Benzene free) 
Carbomer 940 
Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) 
Dimethyl Isosorbide 
DL Panthenol 
Guar Gum 
Liquid Paraffin (Light & Heavy) 
Menthol Crystals (Natural) 
Petroleum Jelly (White & Yellow) 
Talcum Powder (Sterilised) 
Vitamin E (Natural & Synthetic) 
The benefits of switching to a vegan beauty routine are numerous; to those which ingredients have been farmed ethically with both the environment and farmers in mind they are sure to make a positive impact on the planet and to the animals! Contact our team today for more information on our products! 
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