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Fake-Tan shortage this winter feared in UK

'UK faces a major Fake-Tan shortage' the headlines cried last week triggering a deep sense of dread to those of who seek a bronzed glow all year round!   Whilst the reports in The Guardian, Medicine Direct, and The Sun, to name a few, are not reporting fake news, there is indeed stock shortages being seen across the globe. Within the Personal Care industry a range of materials are proving challenging, with Ethoxydiglycol at the forefront of manufacturers minds due to its vast application usage.   Our team have worked diligently to monitor and react accordingly to ensure limited, if any disruption at all this year to our supply of essential ingredients keeping our customers production schedules on track. Spoiler alert: We have stock!  

Ethoxydiglycol, what is it? 

Ethoxydiglycol is a widely used solvent in the Personal Care industry for a whole range of applications including haircare, skincare, fragrance, and cosmetics. The colourless liquid enhances the function and texture of the finished product by effectively helping the ingredients dissolve to do its job properly such as, helping our skin to absorb moisturising creams allowing the active to penetrate and preform. Without an effective solvent many of the cosmetic products we all use in our daily routines would not be able to offer the same result of treatment we are used to meaning streaky Fake-tans and lumpy foundation! 
Cosmetic Industry fears stock shortages of Ethoxydiglycol in UK, EU & USA

What is the latest market update? 

As the majority of the news articles have stated there are several theories as to why there is a shortage in the market expected towards the end of the year, from the growth of cosmetics in Asia to the local HGV crisis here in the UK, all of which had driven the prices to an all-time high with some of the biggest producers and suppliers unable to offer any material at all. As reported in The UK online pharmacy, Medicine Direct some suppliers prices for Ethoxydiglycol have risen by over 85% to £103 per kg.  
"There are multiple challenges in the world of operations and logistics across every sector from containerised freight to our local haulage shortage here in the UK. We have experienced significant delays and price increases this year, as have many, with freight rates rising up to 90% in some cases! Vigilant monitoring and planning are required more than ever to import and export goods. Keeping our customers updated has been crucial to navigating as smooth sailing as possible. Our shipping agents are very much part of the team and through their hard work and relations with us we have been able to keep many shipments on schedule so far, a huge thank you to them from us and our customers."  
- Chris Whitney MIEx, Operations & Logistics Manager, Ascot International (1996) Ltd 
"As any buyer will tell you, purchasing raw materials for the Personal Care industry is challenging to say the least. Almost every ingredient has seen a price increase for one reason or another from 20% to 400% in some instances! A lot of clients cannot afford the price hikes especially those with smaller production scales. With our partners, we are doing our upmost to keep costs down including keeping extra stock on hand, buying smarter, financially supporting where possible, booking early stock and thorough forecasting. We have built strong relations with our suppliers to ensure disruptions are minimal and prices are fair for all. We would like to say a big thank you to our trusted suppliers who have been great at keeping us updated on their latest developments, supporting both us and our customers." 
- Purchasing Department, Ascot International (1996) Ltd 

What is Ascot doing to limit Stock shortages? 

Our team are constantly monitoring the industry to keep supply channels to our customers consistent and on track to limit the disruption of events such as these. Through the global network and partnerships we have built over the past 28 years we are pleased to have been able to reassure our customers that supply of Ethoxydiglycol, Dihydroxyacetone and Erythrulose are in hand. We have secured stock at the best possible pricing for our longstanding clients and have our in-house logistics team working smart to find innovative delivery routes around the current freight & haulage crisis. In a year of unprecedented challenges, we are proud to have been able to keep our customers in production by careful planning, due diligence, and key communication with our trusted suppliers and clients alike. As our purchasing team have stated above, we have increased our stock holding quantity on lines we know are essential and experiencing shortages to keep our customers supported and on schedule. We have achieved this with thorough forecasting enabling us to book quantity in advance limiting the possibility of stock being unavailable when needed and of course by the help of our incredible industry friends and colleagues.  
Ethoxydiglycol is widely used in the Personal Care industry as it is soluble in both water and oil

Should I panic buy? 

No! Panic buying is never a good business strategy, believe us.  
Our team are on hand to help plan and forecast your material delivery needs from small to large production scales. We have years, (too many to count!), of experience within our team to assist in smooth scheduling all year round. To avoid disappointment and disruption we are avid advocates of this strategy and welcome you to send across your forecast for any additional material requirements meaning you can rest assured your glow will remain streak free this Christmas! 
To speak with a member of our team on the current availability of all of our products, including Personal Care, Health & Wellbeing, Food & Beverage & Hygiene/Disinfectant materials, please do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you! 
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