Responsible Sourcing

Source and supply

Ascot International is proud to form a vital link in a very important chain.

Our business is about chemicals but we aren’t producers or consumers. Our role and expertise is in the sourcing and supply of specialist materials from around the globe. We have specialist sourcing offices in India, China and USA.

It’s about researching potential suppliers and about verifying the quality, purity and authenticity of their products, so that what we sell is of the highest possible standard.

It’s about finding exciting new products and about developing markets for them in the UK and overseas. And it’s about spotting emerging trends amongst consumers and responding to changing demands quickly and efficiently.

It’s about the provision of technical and laboratory support, about arranging independent testing and certification.

And because we know that our customers demand quick order turnaround and prompt and safe delivery, it’s about us holding stock, close at hand, in the UK and Europe.

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