Meet the Team 

Here at Ascot International we believe that teams thrive when everyone works together towards a common goal. We aspire to be the leading experts in sourcing and supplying quality raw materials to customers worldwide. 
With over 100 years of experience between them, our team have the product and market knowledge to meet customer requirements, no matter how weird or wonderful. 
Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything that we do and we continually endeavour to deliver outstanding service and support to our wide range of customers. 
Our team are fully flexible so you can rest assured that when you need us we’ll be up to the challenge. 

Nitin Sethi  Managing Director 

After leaving university with a Masters in Business Administration, Nitin had the passion and vision to create Ascot International. Over two decades later his vigour is still strong, with the business continually developing. Outside of the office, Nitin enjoys playing squash and badminton weekly, as well as travelling around the world with his friends and family. 

Subhash Patel Chairman 

Over the past two decades, Subhash has been integral to the growth and development of Ascot International. His wisdom and experience, combined with a passion for the business has been invaluable to all here. Away from the office, Subhash enjoys gardening, spending time with his family, wine-tasting and visiting National Trust sites. 

Melissa Simpson Sales Manager 

With 16 years service, Melissa is Ascot's longest serving employee, where her versatility and market knowledge is invaluable to her team. Away from work, Melissa enjoys spending time with her family (she has 2 young children), playing the guitar, listening to music and attending concerts, as well as practising Karate! 

Hannah Cox Business Development Manager 

Since joining Ascot over 8 years ago, Hannah has developed a vast amount of industry, market, and product knowledge; which along with her versatility, is invaluable to Ascot and her personal care team. Outside of the office, Hannah enjoys going to the gym, socialising with friends, and as a season ticket holder of Manchester CIty F.C, regularly follows her team home and away. 

Yogesh Garg  Business Manager Global Sales and Procurement 

With over 10 years of experience in the chemical industry, combined with a degree in Engineering and International Business Management, Yogesh uses his global network to discover new market trends in Europe, Asia and beyond. He opens up new opportunities for the team by actively getting involved in procurement and selecting new vendors. Outside of work, Yogesh enjoys spending time with his family and travelling overseas. 

Matthew Farthing Technical Sales 

With a Masters in Chemistry and an enthusiam for problem solving, Matt is invaluable to his team; and regularly provides new and innovative ideas. Away from the office, Matt can be found at Boundary Park where Oldham Athletic have continued to disappoint for most of his 20 years attending. For respite, over the summer months, Matt enjoys travelling to new cities and experiencing different environments. 

Thomas Skuse  Technical Sales 

Thomas graduated from The University of Birmingham with a Masters degree in Chemistry. His passion for researching new fields coupled with an understanding of novel structures, makes Thomas a key member of his team. Outside of the office, Thomas loves skiing, Taekwondo, cooking and playing EVE online with friends around the world. 

David Comer Accounts and Admin 

David has been a part of the Ascot team since 2016, fulfilling multiple roles. This flexibility enables David to provide excellent support for all apsects of the business. Currently, David is part of the Accounts team and is working towards achieving formal accounting qualifications. Outside of the office, David enjoys playing football and snooker, as well as socialising with friends. 

Chris Whitney Operations and Logistics Manager 

With over 16 years experience in logistics and trade compliance, a recent new addition to the Ascot team, Chris ensures all Ascot business operations and processes are highly efficient and legally compliant. Outside of the office, Chris is a keen musician and plays the guitar in a band. He also has a passion for films, football, hill-walking and enjoys spending quality time with his family and children. 

Hollie Taylor Logistics 

Hollie’s 3 year experience and knowledge of logistics is invaluable for her team, to ensure the smooth processes of goods in and out. Away from the office, Hollie enjoys spending time with her family (she has 2 young children), cooking (specifically baking), socialising with friends, and has a passion for watching films. 



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