About us


I’m Nitin Sethi, Managing Director and one of the two founders of Ascot International. When I left school I wasn’t expecting a career in the chemicals industry, but a passion for business and for getting things done needed an outlet. Shortly after completing my MBA, we set up our company. Two decades later, that business continues to develop and to grow steadily, year after year, and now we are supplying some of the biggest, and most demanding, customers in the UK.

Our success has been the result of a lot of hard work, long hours and, as we grew, a very dedicated group of people. We’ve refused to stand still – we focus on the future. We’re continually searching out new products, improving our technical support and expanding our overseas operations.

We have big ambitions and we will achieve them. We’ll get there because we do the things that we do, very well indeed and because we take the time to listen: to our customers, to our suppliers and partners, and to our fantastic team.

Meet The Team

Teams work best when everyone pulls the same direction towards a common goal. At Ascot international our team is working to deliver excellent product, service and support to our customers large and small. We’ve got experts in all of the areas you would expect.

But everyone in our team is flexible and you can be assured that when you need us we’ll be up to the challenge, because whatever job title each team member goes by, all of us have customer satisfaction right at the heart of what we do.

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